Plagiarism - I am Not Sure.

"Warriors of Heavan and Earth" is the chinese film for which A.R.Rahman wrote a great score fusing indian and western classical elements with traditional chinese music. The album also had an indian release with Hindi version of the Chinese song included.

Oflate, Warriors Of Heaven and Earth tracks are being used in many TV channels. But in this trailer of Kalabha Kadhalan, they have used most of the tracks from this album. But for that i am not sure, how responsible Niru (the music director of the movie) is. We can't say that he has copied from ARR. His Moongil Nila album had genuine and fresh music. I have full faith on him. The marketing people are doing this just to grab the attention of the viewers by giving a grand international sound to the trailers. But the big question is, "Are they doing it with proper rights?".

There are many other examples in recent times, "Vairavan" trailer used "Why?Mr.Anderson" track from Matrix Revolution. For Majaa they used WOHE tracks again. Even for "Kangalal Kaithi Sei" trailer for which A.R.Rahman is the composer, they used a Lord of the Rings soundtrack intially. So, i strongly belive that the composer cannot be blamed for this.


Mumbai Ramki said...

WHen u attend a concert its a totally different expereince .Its just amazing - I have attended thric ein my life time .ITs so nice

Yes -The marketing guy mixes it .Even for Kangalal Kaidhu Sei ,they have added LOTR music !!!

I feel yuvan has done agreat job in Pudhupettai - Wld liek to disagree with ur comments on Pudhupettai .BUt what i did'nt like is that teh style is predominantly John WIlliams or James Horner and there is no unique style i see .Compare this with KR's Kudaikkul Mazhai - He had a very small orchestra but there was aunique sound from him !!

Suresh Kumar said...

Hi Suresh,

Thanx for visiting my blog again. About Pudupettai, i don't know somehow it is missing the finesse of those hollywood composers you mentioned. To indian standards, definitely it is good effort. And what you said KM is absolutely true, the background score of the movie and the main theme are just mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

Woow... Very nice blog.. You like the way you are presenting things.. without hurting anyone... are trying to stress your point into others... just giving you impressions and not exxagarating thins... Good keep up your good work. Will be nice to see lot of links from the blog... - Subash