The Memento

Watch it and test your memory power. I watched it only once and I still have a lot of questions in my mind. But overall, it is great attempt and movie is worth watching at least thrice. The narration keeps our mind busy but forgets to touch our soul. There could have been brief introductory scenes that reveal their love and bondage other than Lenny saying it through words. It would have provided a strong reason for a man in such a condition trying to take revenge. We don’t empathize his conditions. Though it had an admirable screenplay, the one issue I find with the film is that we don’t emotionally relate to Leonard.

Actually, there is another parallel track that moves in a linear fashion shown in black and white, which initially is very confusing but when we later we come to know that this is the link used to end the story, we couldn’t imagine the genius of the screenplay writer.

Of course, may be Christopher Nolan might have thought us to realize a character like Leonard is lot better than normal people for whom a new world begin in every few minutes, through his non linear narration. We go by our belief that what we believe to have happened is what actually happened, we never go by facts. While watching this movie, it is interesting to know, even we who claim to be the normal people, don’t remember what we saw just 15 minutes before. The style of narration made all the difference and tests the memory power of the audience and kindles an interest in them to watch it again and again. Actually, it wouldn’t have been special it if had taken the linear path of narration.

Even though I already know it is going to proceed in backwards, there was lot of confusions. The first shot and the scene of the movie clearly explain us how the movie is going to proceed. The title starts to scroll as and when the movie starts with a shot focusing on a hologram, in which we see a dead man lying down showing his back, slowly the image fades and the hologram goes back into the camera, Lenny recedes back, the bullet goes back to pistol and then we see what actually happened. That starts from the end and reaches the start of the plot at the end. Memento is a psychological thriller that travels back in time.

Okay, Let me not get into the difference between Ghajini and Memento, as it is quite obvious and let me just discuss Memento. Ghajini takes just the character and unusual condition of Lenny and his unique methods to survive in and adds masala necessary for the Tamilians to grasp the idea. It will be degrading the level of acumen with which this movie is crafted to say that Ghajini is inspired by Memento. Thanks to Murugadass and his Ghajini for creating awareness about a movie called “The Memento”.


Ramesh said...

"we don’t emotionally relate to Leonard..." - I don't agree. Does love means copying Jennifer Lopez song, fake happenstances and insulting gimmick emotions - like in Ghajini..?.

Murugadoss is a shame... he was so impressed with Memento, took the main ideas and filled in with so much of trash for the rest of the 3 hours [looong and boring love scenes, two villains etc.,]... and thank God..! he's out in Andhra, making Stalin for Chiranjeevi. Wonder what that movie is based on... [Ramana-Indian, Ghajini-Memento, Stalin-What the f..?].

Suresh Kumar said...

hi ramesh, i don't mean that. Just a peek into the intimacy and love would have added more empathy to his situation. Definitely i didn't mean it should have done in the way it is done in Ghajini. Just 5 minutes or even less than that of the screen time would have done that. I think the statement about where Ghajini and Memento fails is misleading. i will remove it straigt away.

prasad said...

Suresh, I think the screenplay intentionally kept away from going deeper into the relation between main character and his wife. I actually liked it that way. Only in the last scene you get a glimpse of her wife and that too for just 1 or 2 frames.. which passes away quickly. I felt its one of these movies you should only watch in a DVD. In a theater you will surely miss a lot of the details in each frame.

Memento redefined what screenplay can be in the history of cinema. And for that, its one of the best movies of all time.

Question is, can anyone even use the same screenplay technique and make a movie thats interesting to watch but doesn't look like a copycat? Probably not!

Suresh Kumar said...

prasad: may be, but being a hardcore indian who always look for emotional reasons to accept things, it was little tough for me. otherwise, i too think that it is one of the best movies. about remaking this film. why not, people might have thought the same about Roshomon, but what happened?

Nitin said...

I thought Ghajini was an utter disaster, I think he confused shortterm memory loss, with amnesia at some times.memento is definitely watchable twice or thrice, to understand everything, and some people have also seen it from the end, to the beginning of the movie, to get an understanding.

Suresh Kumar said...

Nitin: Yes, i too have seen it like that from End to Start.