Lots of Interesting News

Rajini - Shankar Togather. Most probably A.R.Rahman would be opted for music. Cinematography - Santhos Sivan (90%) as he is one of the best cinematographer with whom Shankar have not worked so far. Art direction will be Sabu Cyril. And the big question is the heroine. Any guesses.

Kamal - K.S.Ravikumar again for "Dasavatharam" publicised as a comedy entertainer. Wish the movie strikes with the audience unlike Kamal' other recent comedies. The ten roles seems to be a great idea but making a convincing screenplay for it is a big challenge and let us see how Ravikumar does it. Obviously the dialogues would be written by Carzy Mohan. I wish Illayaraja scores for this movie.

Vikram's next is with Vishnuvardhan who made waves by making a clean entertainer with "Arindhum Ariyamalum". I have no much expectations on this project as i think AA borrowed a lot from Maniratnam movies and i doubt whether he can come up with a genuine script and screenplay that can match the calibre of Vikram. Undoubtedly Yuvan will be the composer for this movie.

It is surprising that AVM selected Ajith as the hero for their next movie. I think Ajith is Ganguly of Tamil cinema. He is totally out no matter how many kilos of weight he looses. He is a loser.

Btw, It is surprising to know that the son (who himself is a composer) of the composer who made "Thiruvasakam" doesn't know to write notes for his song.


Mumbai Ramki said...

No Big surprise ..most of the composers don't know hot to write notes ,including the shankar -Ehsaan -loy !

Arjuna_Speaks said...

I wish its ARR! He is the best..

Regd Ajith - I may not agree with you :)..He is quite good - better than Vijay..and I am quite sure he would bounce back..My fav actor is Vikram! :)

Regd the heroine of Rajni's film - it could turn out to be Aishwarya Rai - since rajni always wanted her to be his heroine..

dhiraj said...

i think the unit has finalized the heoine for rajinis movie and is ayesha thakia the lass who played the lead in telugu super opposite nagarjuna.