Some Doubts on Thiruvasakam - Illayaraja

In Thiruvasakam album there is a peculiar sound used often in most of the songs which adds to tge divine feel of it. It sounds like chal-chal, something like shaking a set of metal strips togather. I don't know what intrument it is. I have not heard this sound in any symphonies of the western classical composers. Can anybody tell me what is the name of the instrument and whether it is one of the instruments in a symphony orchestra? If you don't get about which sound i am talking about here is a clue. In "Poovar Senni" song, the exhilirating symphony following "Adivom naam sivapurathul adiyar" has the best usage of this sound and instrument which takes me to a kind of trance state.

Can anybody tell me is piano used in Symphony Orchestra. Because in "Polla Vinayaen" song, when the symphony plays the tune of "My eyes were set on" part each line ends with three notes played in Piano. Is is recorded in the symphony or done seperately?

Also please suggest me some weblinks to learn how to write a Symphony. I searched it but i couldn't find any good web contents about Symphony writing.


Shankar said...

yes piano is used in orchestral scores...I have myself played for a violin piano duets... have listened to quite a few orchestral scores with piano in it (some of the composers have created pieces for harpsichord which again belongs to the same family of instruments as piano - organ too comes under the same category)


V.P.Jaiganesh said...

Hi suresh!
I can't identify the instrument you are asking about. I felt it was like salangai. I had seen Sivamani use a big "Jalra" and some salangai to produce the kind of sound in some program. Maybe you can post this question to sivamani or his fans. I thoroughly enjoy reading your reviews and keep up the good work.

rajasaranam said...


This is the image of a symphony orchestra
probably the jal jal sound should be from tubular bells i think.
also go to http://musictheory.net/ for more lessons and info on WCM and composing it. you can download the offline version from the sites link.