My Wife's Murder - Well Done

We have seen a lot of murder mysteries before, in which there will always be a suspense (about who is the real murderer) element and many twists and turns to keep the audience glued to the screen. But in Jijy Philip’s “My Wife’s Murder” there are no such elements, we know who the murderer is and we know that the police will surely find him and yet the realistic treatment and the logically convincing screenplay woven around a single incident with very few well etched characters involved grips the audience.

The movie picks momentum from the very first frame and sustains it till the end. Not even a single scene is unnecessary. The way Ravi (Anil Kapoor) hides the truth and the police (Boman Irani) seeks the truth is what makes the movie racy, thrilling and entertaining as a whole. Actually I was waiting for some twists at the end, but the major twist is that there is no any twist, the narration is pretty streamlined and goes in a predictable manner but even then it works. Though the movie can’t be said as a thriller, there are few jerky moments in the movie. The ending may disappoint some but it was completely satisfying for me because of its emotional content.

Anil Kapoor has given a subtle and sensible performance, may be one of the best in his career. His unshaven face, always tired looking eyes and his body language gives a life to the character he plays. Watch for his expressions in scenes immediately after the murder. The shiver in his body, his eyes and face expressions deliver a mixture of emotions anger, shock and fear together well. Nandana sen is adequate. Boman Irani as the police officer does a fine job as always. The two kids are unbelievably natural and help a lot for the realistic feel of the scenes in which they involve.

Cinematorgraphy by P.S.Vinod is raw and realistic. He has gone for a pattern that is dark and dull that sustains a tensed mood throughout the movie. The background score by Amar Mohile is one of the worst I have ever heard in my life. I don’t when these guys are going to learn the importance and the impact of silence in such movies. Hardly there are scenes without music in the background. The continuously banging beats in the background pains our eardrums. With a neat background score, this movie would have created a much greater impact. Anyway, I like this movie very much. It is yet another quality product from RGV factory.


Anonymous said...

Suresh, watch Matyapallu Hatya in telugu which has Chakravarthy playing Anil Kapoor character and he has done excellent work and i really loved the movie but I am sure Anil would have done a great job since he is an actor of great calibre.


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