Thoughts on Chidhambarathil Oru Appasamy Music

Both Azhaghi and Solla Marantha Kathai of Illayaraja and Thangar Bachaan combo had good music, which are both apt to situation and catchy as a stand-alone track. But this time in Chidamabarathil Oru Appasamy, the music and the songs may be apt for the situation for which it is composed but it doesn’t impress as a stand-alone track. We will have to wait for the visuals for the songs to grow on us. But that doesn’t mean is bad instead it is a very mediocre effort of Illayaraja.

I don’t know what Illayaraja means by saying, “Doing music for Thiruvasakam and a movie are the same for me” because the quality of music is not the same. The album has got totally 5 songs and all are situational. The album belongs to Manjari, another import from Kerala. She has proved her versatility by singing three different genres of songs in this album. New breed of singers like Karthik, Tippu and Ranjith sing all the songs. I wonder how these voices will suit Thangar Bachaan. I initially thought Illayaraja would sing all the songs, as Thangar is the hero.

Nalla Vazhvu sounds like a festive cum devotional number. The string bit in the prelude gives a promising start to the song. As always the interludes are good especially the second one has Aiyaappa chanting set with a catchy rhythm. The song starts with so-used-to tabla rhythms as in 70’s and slowly transcends to typical IR rhythms of 80’s.

Ayya yenna is a sensuous melody with heavy bass backing. The starts well but slip off in the middle with an ordinary tune in the charanam and there are no strong elements to boost the mood of the song except for the way the word “aasai” is sung thrice continuously in the pallavi.

Pudusa Ninaichikittu is a philosophical number. It is a very average song and like the previous it also starts well but fails in the charanam part. Even the interludes are not good. I don’t know why IR has gone for strings in the keyboard instead of violins in the interludes. Hope the song will work well with the visuals.

Ponna Porantha is the pick of the album. It is a pathos melody with some great orchestrations all through the song especially the first interlude is too good. The song would have easily been done with tablas but IR has gone for a different rhythm instrument which adds to the freshness of the melody.

Anaithu vidungal – Anaithu Vidungal

Better luck next time to all IR fans.


Mumbai Ramki said...

I thought anaithu Vidungal had great interludes ..anyway ..
me too was a bit disappointed a bit ..the pbm with raaja sir is that he will give only what is necessary for teh film ..hence his songs are always situational ,though i wish songs of COA cld have been different atleast ...

However Oru Naal Oru Kanavu really grows on you ..But these days only ah ...aaah ,gajni ,kanda naal muthaal rocks .......

Suresh Kumar said...

yeah Kanda naal mudhal is the best of the lot in my opinion.