Oru Naal Oru Kanavu - Movie Review

When the opening credits started to roll, the whole crowd clapped for two names once for Maestro Illayaraja and then for Fazil. The former with his soulful melodies doesn't disappoint the crowd but the later with this pathetic movie disappointed everyone. Do i need to review this movie. I don't know what happened to Fazil. Is he the same director who did movies like Kadalukku Mariyathai, Poovae Poochoodava, Varsham 16 and Manichitratazhu. Even a first time director would have a better job. Even "Kannukkul Nilavu" was far far better than this movie. Stroy, screenplay, dialogues, direction, casting, characterisation, cinematopgraphy, performances and every aspect of the movie is at its worst. People are laughing loud in the cinemas in every other scene not because it has such a class comedy but because of its pathetic composition. People laughed aloud when "Kaatril Varum geethamae" song started, what more sample you want. All the songs are badly placed. Half of the people left the theatre after the intermission. Please , please don't waste your precious time and money on this movie. It is one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my life.

P.S: There is a title song in the movie which is not included in the album. It is yet another nice melody with voice of Bhavatharini.

I always doubted genuinity of sify movie reviews and it is confirmed now.
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Dhanasekhar said...

I am shocked and unhappy....Though haven't yet seen the film, I trust your review....I expected a lot from the film....!

Mumbai Ramki said...

suresh ,
Intha alavuku kadi ya ??Sathiyaama disappointing a thaan irruku .....

Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,
U r verymuch correct. I go to the movies on the very first day only for few directors... But, this time, it was a bad experience with Fazil's ONOK. But, I must thank Fazil for making me happy for the whole 3 hrs. Really man.. I havnt laughed like this b4, continuously for 3 hrs... ;-)

P.S: Gud to know that u started a blog for ur reviews.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the previous comment was posted by me, Athi.

Suresh Kumar said...

hi athi,

yes the movie was a great comedy. Almost everyone left the theatre with a similing face.

Zero said...

Sad hearing your state of affairs after seeing ONOK. I pretty much thought it will be this way.
But I ll be seeing the movie, relying on what you have written on the plenty of unintentional humour in the movie?
Can you confirm that?

Suresh Kumar said...

hi zero,

if you truly enjoy such unintentional humour, then this movie can be called a classic comedy in that way. You will really enjoy watching it.

Zero said...

i still am not able to believe ONOK could be of that kind.
I am talking of the likes of Narasimha, Thirupachi etc. For eg., a Sukran or a Feb 14 (to pick from recent efforts), are pathetic pieces of work, but in no way belong to this rare genre.

Bala (Karthik) said...

I scooted out of the theatre after some 30 minutes but my other friends who were brave enough to continue watching the movie came out with a "so-bad-it-was-good" feeling.
IMO, it didn't even fit into that category. I would rate the 30 minutes below "suLLAn" and "serupAchi"!

Anonymous said...

hi Suresh,
What happened to your weekly countdown? I very much enjoyed your selections

Suresh Kumar said...


You will believe when u watch the movie that it is like Narashima / tirupachi though there is no action sequences in the movie. Yes, Sukran and Feb 14 are irritants (just get irritated and nothing more) but not a movie of kind in which you enjoy the unintentional humour in it.

bala: even i thought of coming out initially but i had little hope that atleast the second half would be somewhat better.

anonymous: hey i don't get time to visit Music World every week to get the sales countdown and also i thought that post had no great response from the readers, but anyway will do it someday when i find time