Birthday Baby

I am not one of those cynics who think that ARR has lost his magic these days. He still is in fine form as he was in 90’s. Just that his works are not being recognized and received well by masses as like his earlier works in 90’s. Moreover there are many more composers now to give what only ARR was able to give in 90’s. And that diminish the level of admiration the common people had on his music.

He is churning out more classy stuffs these days and that is for sure many steps forward for any passionate composer. He is no more mere a commercial music director. Only problem is that too much of projects made him to be little inconsistent in the recent past. But that is okay. If music fails, the composer may not the only person to be blamed always. He gave some great albums in 2005 like Bose: The Forgotten Hero, Water, Mangal Pandey and Rang De Basanti. His only Tamil release though not great was a big hit. And there are many interesting projects both in Tamil and Hindi lined up for release in 2006.

Long Live A.R.Rahman. Wish him a Happy Birthday.

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SamAruna said...

ARR is the best thing that has happened to Indian Cinema in the past decade.

If Raaja took the music to the masses ARR certainly raised the quality of the music that the masses listened to.

He elevated them to the next level. I would go as far as to say that he made their ears hear sounds that they would have never thought existed.

ARR's average score is also above the general average that we hear.

I am only worried about the noise that we hear these days from the many Kuthu songs that seem to get the fancy of the public while at the same time bringing down their tastes.

Every now and again when better movie makers try to elevate the audience we keep hitting on such jokers like Vijay who push the audience back in to the "kuppai thotti" by churning out sans-logic heriosm movies.

Best Regards
R. Sathyamurthy