Thiraikathai Payirchi Puthagam - Sujatha

Thiraikkathai Payirchi Puthagam” to me looks more like a sequel book made for commercial purpose by Sujatha and Uyirmai publications to cash in money in this year’s book Fair following the success of the book “Thirakkathai Ezhuduvadhu eppadi”. As like most of the disappointing sequels of blockbuster Hollywood movies, which is made purely for making money, this book is also little disappointing. The five sets of forms given after each chapter, big fonts are evidences of how they have really struggled to fill in the pages to make the book look bulk and so to price the book as high as 100. Even “Thiraiakathai Ezhudhuvadhu eppadi” was priced reasonably less. Sujatha himself suggests us to photocopy the forms given if we have more stories and screenplays to work on, then why can’t stop with just one copy of the form. Of 90 pages, 70 pages are used for these blank forms with just 20 pages left for Sujatha to write on writing screenplay. Now getting into the content of the book, if you have read the first book, Sujatha has nothing new to say in this book except for very few additional tips. The well-designed forms with all necessary questions to complete Writing-before-the-writing stuff will really be useful for one who tries it out. The book is sure to kindle your interests if you are not bothered about the other minuses that I have mentioned here. Think of a story that is very close to your heart and start reading this book, you will be tempted to start writing the screenplay for it.


prasad said...

so r u writing a screenplay ? :)

btw, today I got my copy of 'speaking of films' book, yet to read it!

Anonymous said...

anyone has thiraikadhai payirchi puthagam book?
pls mail thiravon.ko@gmail.com