Laugh Therapy

The start of this week was depressing for me due to some personal problems and I just couldn’t bear with that state of mind. Tried to divert myself by hearing some pleasant Illayaraja melodies, classical symphonies, music of Yanni etc., but nothing rescued me from the depressed state of mind. Finally I decided to watch some comedy flicks to escape from the depression at least for 2 hours. Went to DVD rental shop and rented Me, Myself and Irene and No Entry (Hindi). Truly, I had a great time watching both the films and all worries are washed away (at least temporarily) by the heavy dosage of laugh therapy that these two movies served.

Me, myself and Irene is a one man show. I can’t imagine anyone else playing lead role except Jim Carry. The speed with which he changes his face expressions is unbelievable. Now I know from where Shankar got the inspiration for the Ambi Vs Anniyan fight sequence and also the climax scene of the movie. Those scenes in Anniyan are bad replicas of some of the best performed and executed scenes in MMI.

No Entry is remake of a Tamil movie “Charlie Chaplin”. Unlike “Charlie Chaplin”, this movie works better mainly because there are no unnecessary sentiments at the end as it was in the Tamil version. I am surprised by the level of risk Boney Kapoor takes even after facing so many major flops by remaking the Tamil movies in Hindi and that too in this case the Tamil movie was not a big hit or even a hit. All of them have performed well except Fardeen Khan. Boman Irani, though in a small role does a great job. The songs are as worst as it can get. On the whole, it was a great time pass.

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