Naach is the movie that I very much wanted to watch for the extremely different reviews it got. But missed out to watch it at the time of its release. Also I haven’t really seen any movies directed by RamGopalVarma except Rangeela. But I have heard a lot about his realistic approach in making movies. It is very evident in the kind of movies that he intends to produce. Finally, one Sunday afternoon I rented this movie and watched it. Well, this is what I can say about this movie. It belongs to kind of movies, which after watching you return with a plain reaction. It is neither good nor bad. It can be said as mediocre at its best.

I don’t know what actually inspired RGV to make this movie. On one side it looks like Antra Mali’s skin inspired him. He has used it quite well through out the movie making visuals and dance sequences to exhibit and expose her skin. But to claim it a movie he has taken the often-used love line and that too a usual triangle love story to woven a plot to connect those dance pieces.

Reva is a very stubborn girl who cannot compromise anything to achieve her goal. She aspires to become a dance choreographer in bollywood. And Abhinav is as aspiring actor who can do anything to get an acting chance. Both have different perceptions about life. Their ways to achieve their goals are also different. Yet they fall in love. Abhinav somehow gets a chance to act and becomes a big hero. But after that due to their contrasting characteristics, they part after a clash in a casual conversation. Then comes the third angle in the love story who give Reva the first break as choroegrpaher. Will Reva and Abhinav renuite is what the rest is all about?

Yet, the first half of the movie is handled deftly. The characters of Reva (Antra Mali) and Abhinav (Abhisek) are sketched out well. The transition of their friendship into love is also very real and mature. The contrasting characters of Reva and Abhinav are well detailed through simple and short scenes. The scenes are also shot realistically. But in the second half after the clash between the lovers, RGV seems to be confused to find someway to proceed and he got another character to close the triangle and takes a predictable and clich├ęd path. The second half is very boring. We don’t understand why Reva hates Abhinav so much for a small mistake he did in a casual conversation. And the reason she says for that in the climax is also not convincing.

The choreography of the songs is really different as the Reva’s character and the director claims from the very first shot of the movie. But it would have worked better if the songs were good. Amar Mohile has done a good job in two songs, the “Naach” and “Bandane Lagi” and also in the background score. But other songs are below average. Too many songs in the second half are also one of the reasons for the drag. For such a movie, which requires lot of music and songs, RGV should have gone for A.R.Rahman. Then “Naach” would have become a totally different movie like some sort of a musical.

In the second half, I liked the scenes, which make fun of movies like “Kal Ho Naa Ho” and the choreographer Farah Khan. Antra Mali has mistaken subtle reaction as plain reaction. Half the time we don’t know what her reaction means. But Abhishek is better but he needs to improve his dancing skills. I really liked the character of Ritesh Deshmukh. Though Antra and Abhishek is important in the climax, I liked the last one single expression of Ritesh Deshmukh when he says ‘Bye’ to Reva with a cute smile in his face and tears in his eyes.

Naach – Dance without Rhythm.

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