Thirai - Face of World Cinema

I have been searching for a film magazine like “Thirai” for a long time. It is released by publishers called Kanavupattarai. Kanavupattarai is an organization, which encourages independent cinema in Tamil. They have produced lot of short films and documentaries in Tamil. I have written here about how an ideal film magazine should be while reviewing “Filmfare” and now I have finally found it. I bought it in the Chennai Book fair.

It is a film magazine with no colorful photographs and blowups of actors and actresses, no nonsense stuffs like who slept with whom last night, who wore what in that party, which X actor fell in love with which Y actress etc., As the tag line of the magazine “Ulaga Cinemavin Mugam (Face of World Cinema)” says the magazine has more articles about world cinema than Indian and Tamil cinema. It has got interesting interviews of great directors and technicians of cinema whom give lot of insightful answers about craft of cinema. Some of the articles and interviews are original and some are translated ones from popular film magazines. The chief editor of the magazine is Leena Manimegalai whom we have seen hosting some of the film based TV shows. Film buffs for sure will love to subscribe this magazine.

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