Pudupet - A Crap or A Classic

  • Here is the reply of Selva Raghavan when asked about the movie “Pudupettai” in this interview to Indiaglitz.com. He says, “Either people may call this movie a crap or a classic. It is not a kind of movie which you can have an the-movie-was-okay opinion”. Also adds that he is planning to send this movie to various film festivals. The answer does raise the expectations which are already high after the release of an extremely different soundtrack. Also watch the interview to know few other interesting things Selva has to say about his ambition, future plans, international films, European films, independent films, Hollywood etc.

  • Here is a blog, where you can read all rumours and facts about Sivaji.

  • A new extended soundtrack has got released for Ghajini with additional four instrumental theme tracks titled "Yeyeho Ghajini", "New Years's Eve", "Revenge", "Purpose of Love". Almost every critic trashed the background score of this movie. I don't know how they got the guts to releas this soundtrack. And to my surprise, this album tops the sales in Music World, taking new releases like "Aathi", "Paramasivam" and "Pudupet" a step down from its previous position.

  • Also the VCD of the movie "Arinthum Ariyamalum" got released. The movie got released in 2005 and the official VCD got released just in one year which doesn't happen usually in Tamil film industry. I don't know how the producer's council allowed it. Similarly "Chellamae" VCD and DVD's also got officially released in India last year itself.

  • Another emerging trend is release of Songs + Comedy VCD of the movies after two months of the release of the movie. Now the top selling Songs+Comedy VCD is of the movie "Ghajini". Before that, VCD of "Chandramukhi" was the numero uno in sales. Ofcourse this is not surprising as the comedy will include almost all the scenes of kalpana(Asin), the only reason for which the audience went repeatedly to the theatres to watch this movie.


Zero said...

Another emerging trend is release of Songs + Comedy VCD of the movies after two months of the release of the movie.
I hate this. like nothing else. I hate it to the core, that I see these vcds filled up in the racks of the landmarks and music worlds. heck!
On a saner note, Tamil film distributors (or whatever the concerned ppl have to be called as) are very slow and dumb in doing business. Consider what's happenning in Hindi cinema. The original vcd of movies are out in 4 weeks after the movie's release and make good business. But this is totally absent among Tamil movies (except for some movies like "Arindhum Ariyaamalum" which got released reasonably soon). Thanks to their fear that vcds are demons for the film industry. heck!

Suresh Kumar said...


Yes, i do think the same. It is high time, the producer make some decision about the VCD and DVD releases soon after the release of the movie. It is now getting released after 3 years, which serves no purpose. Everyone would have forgot even some of the successful movies after such a long time. anyway, let us see....