Song from Rajini's Sivaji

If what I came to know about the first song shot for “Sivaji” from here is correct, then this may be the song in Sivaji,

In Rang De Basanti,

Khalbali hai Khalbali.. (3)
Hain Khalbali

In Sivaji,

Va…ji Va…ji Sivaji.. (3)
Vaa Sivaji

I don't think Shankar would allow A.R.Rahman to use a song released in Hind for this movie but yet it is just a guess. Let us wait and see.


Anonymous said...

tamizhan karpanaiku oru alavey illaama poitu iruku.. r u so jobless? stop this kinda crap..

Suresh Kumar said...

thamizan kozhaithanathukkum alavae illama poiduchu. Mothalla unga perai sollunga sir. naan ippadi post pannathanala ippa enna ayiduchunu ivvalavu kovam.

Anonymous said...

its like there are people waiting to pull this movie down becoz it has ARR..and this senseless blog proofs it...man...get a life ya!!

Anonymous said...

Have you Listen to Muthal Kanavu
album Released by HMV India
all the songs are good.
Music by Kapileshwar.