8th Wonder !!!!

I have no big expectations on "God Father" soundtrack though it is by A.R.Rahman. Let us wait till Feb 17.


RËÅGÂÑ™ said...

8th wonder eh??? Nice! I'm surprised myself that they are releasing the audio just 1 week before the movie releases. Audience are going find it hard to relate themselve with the soundtracks in the movie knowing Rahman's songs needs repeated listennig to grow on us.

Zero said...

Rahman's songs needs repeated listennig to grow on us.
something that i really don't agree with. just that "a song growing on listening" is w.r.t. listener and not the composer.
another practical reason being i never felt that arr's songs grow on you (any more than others') on repeated listenings.

RËÅGÂÑ™ said...

Well Zero, if you don't agree with me, there's nothing that i can do about it. But atleast that's what i feel when listening to Rahman's songs. It doesnt instantly grow on me or whatsoever but due to me being a real Rahman fan, i cant write it off just listening to it once. What i tend to do is that i try to listen to it many times and before i could atleast go for the fourth time, i'm all hooked to it already. That's how his songs works for me. I'm not quite sure how it works for you though, probably you could very much say that you have a better taste in musics than i do but nevertheless, everyone's has their own way of relating to the music.

Zero said...

hey reagan!
that was just an observation from somebody who knows a zilch about music. I just wanted to express my getting perplexed at this claim about ARR's songs (more than anybody else's) growing on the listener.
Perhaps, I didn't add enough disclaimers in my prev comment :). Cheers!

Suresh Kumar said...

It can be put in this way. Rahman songs need time to get its deserved applauds from the listeners. There are so many layers and only when you listen to it more than once, the beauty starts to unfold and you completely get hooked to the song. It is not that on first listening you hate it completely and on further listening it turns into a great number. Yes, initially in early 90's "Thiruda Thiruda" era ARR songs were like that. I definitely didn't liked those songs when i first heard, as we were tuned to completely diff kind of music until then and that is why I agree with Zero too.

RËÅGÂÑ™ said...

Yeah exactly, maybe my words in describing in how i felt wasn't good enough. Like Suresh says, the beauty starts to unfold when you listen to it more than once.

Anyways, we shall look forward to its audio very shortly and Zero, no problem about it's lack of disclaimers. Whatever it is your comments, i shall actually look into it from your point of view. And perhaps i would atleast get an idea of what your trying to say. Cheers buddy. :-)

prasad said...

Another reason why "I think" ARR songs takes time to grow on you is till today I find that each of his compositions has lots of experimentation and they don't necessarily have the same tone or raga or pattern that our mind can immediately identify or relate to.

It takes time for our mind to adjust and get used to a new style everytime. And to create something like that is a work of art.

I rememmber the first time i heard minsara kanavu and strawberry song I hated it and couldn't believe it was arr, but later it became one of my favorite albums..

btw, anyone know when 'Jil endru oru kadhal' releasing?

Twin-Gemini said...

Is it out yet? How is it?