Though not as exhaustive as this site, our own music genius has finally got an official website. He has also announced that he is thinking about a new non film project like the one he released last year. And where is Rahmanonline.com?

Finally, the much hyped LOTR is staged. The media and press people were not invited for the premiere. The public express mixed opinions. Also there is no much praise/talk about our man's music.

Though he couldn't make it to this show, his theme music for the show is an instant success among the die hard fans of his music. The show is going to be released in a DVD. Our gem of a director has done it.

The veteran director's (supposed to be) last movie is almost complete. The soundtrack of the movie is releasing on Feb 12. It seems all those stars who were introduced by this director (Esp Guna and Thalapathi) are gathering for this function.


Zero said...

raaja.com has been here for a while, and has been there for a very long time as www.raajangahm.com.

Suresh Kumar said...

hi zero,

I too know that, but only recently it has become fully functional but still some of the links are not working in the site. And updation of info stopped long long ago in Raajangham.com.

Zero said...

The domain name was changed from raajangahm.com to raaja.com.
That's why some links don't work coz they still link to the old domain name www.raajangahm.com. Otherwise, as far as I know, the site has been always fully functional...

and ur links need to fixed too ("http://" missing) :)

Suresh Kumar said...

thanx for pointing out. i have corrected it

Rahul said...

k.balachander's next movie Poi, i think bharadhwaj is the music for that one, not vidyasagar

Suresh Kumar said...

hi rahul,

i am damn sure about it. music is by vidhyasagar. I saw him mentioning it in a TV interview.

Anonymous said...


Rahmanonline was a fabulous site. The webmaster never said anything about himself and let Rahman be the hero of the site. Unfortunately, no one seems to know where Satish Subramaniam has gotten too. It's too bad, he had nearly every article that was released in national and international media about Rahman.


Suresh Kumar said...

kajan - ofcourse it is. The site was a neatly designed one and was well maintained. But why not Rahman himself take some initiative to launch an official website.