Yeppodhum Pen -Sujatha

Bought Yeppodhum Pen in the book fair after reading the interesting description of the book by Sujatha on the back cover. It is a compilation of a serial story published in a monthly magazine called “Mangayar Malar” almost two decades before. I couldn’t say a “Wow” after completing the book. It may be because that I couldn’t relate with the central female character. She is always in a dilemma, in a confused state of mind, not sure about what to do, what and whatnot to believe, what is right and wrong. I really doubt whether all woman lives in such a state of mind from birth till death. I definitely can’t imagine a woman leading an entire life without being herself, not even at a single point of time in her whole life as it is being portrayed in this story.

But Sujatha makes his description of the woman’s state of mind more believable by giving a vivid insight into the social status of her family. Also he clearly explains about the mindset of the common people about woman’s purpose in this world then, through various other characters in the story. The story serves just as a carrier to carry Sujatha’s philosophical, psychological and scientific facts and perspectives on the nature of woman in general. I liked the way Sujatha has simplified the physical transformation that a woman undergoes, as she grows old both inside and outside her mother’s fetus. Also the description of the sex and the egg formation in the fetus is beautiful.

For sure I admire the guts of Sujatha for writing such a book without any compromises and without being pretentious. I think a woman can better say how great or crap this book is. I have given the book to my mom and asked her to read it and give feedback.

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