Dishyum Music Review

I liked a couple of songs from Sukran composed by Vijay Antony. Suppose and India songs were pure fun to listen to. But I don’t know why I hate a composer so much when he remixes and kills an old classic. His remix of Thulluvatho Illamai and Malgudi Subha’s rendition were pathetic beyond the bearable limits. But I totally fell in love with the songs of Dishyum. I like 4 out of 5 songs.

A composer’s second album is as crucial as a director’s second film, after giving a hit in his debut. The most difficult job of composer is confirming his style of music in the listeners mind through his songs in the second album that should not sound same but similar in pattern or style to the songs of the first album. I think Vijay Antony has done it successfully in Dishyum. He also uses not so commonly used new voices like Gayatri, Jayadev that adds to the freshness of the songs.

Like “Suppose”, Kalailikku has got funny lyrics, layers of weird sounds, chorus, strange diction and rendition by lead singers. It is an instantly catchy number with peppy rhythm. Poo Medhu is supposed to be a pathos number. Though the melody is just above average, the lyrics and Malgudi Subha’s rendition makes it up. I am happy that Malgudi Subha gets to sing a melody finally. I feel she is one singer very much under utilized by our composers. Off late Yuvan use to give her some good numbers in his films.

Nenjan Kootil is obviously the pick of the album. This song has been on my lips for past week. It is a beautiful melody with heart pulling rhythms. Jayadev has done a great job in rendering the song with more emphasis on giving right expressions and enough classical touches here and there. Though clichéd, the usage of a Veena piece in the interlude does enhance the class of the song. Boomikku Velichamellam is one of those songs in which the rhythm and bass is perfectly in synch with the vocal tune of the song. This too is a funky techno number with some nice guitar pieces and interludes. And finally we have a usual kuthu song, which I think lacks enough punch. But it is too early to say that Vijay Antony is here to stay, let us see.

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Nitin said...

Hi Suresh, good review, will check it out. Saw ur review also on tamilnapster.