Masters are Back

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Sushma said...

It's great that they're getting back together, and with the Kutti B as the hero. he did an excellent job in Yuva. The only thing that I don't like too much is Ash Rai. Last I heard, after Iruvar, Maniratnam vowed never to use her again. Is it 'cos she's an 'international' icon now?

Ramesh said...

Thanks for the links. It's so rare that something of this quality shows up these days. I have a feeling Hindi films [and ARR in Hindi music] are getting much better these days - thanks to Vijai, Yuvan [i don't particulary hate YSR... nothing great either - and unfortunately that is all we get]] etc., Happens when men of lesser calibre command.

I still don't like AB Jr. even after so many of my friends loved Bluffmaster - thou Vishal-Shekar always do a pretty good job. Would see Aish anyday, any film.

Varun said...

Hats off to Rahman!