Poi - Yematram

The expectation and the final product never meets when Vidhyasagar is on credits for it. I never expected “Thambi” soundtrack to be as good as it is. It was really surprising. But now Poi is not up to expectation but it doesn’t mean that it is bad. It is just that movie being directed by K.Balachander, I expected something great, on par with his yesteryear classics. But don’t have expectations like me you will be highly disappointed. After listening to it once, I changed my mind and listened to it as just another soundtrack without having any set standards in mind and found it as a descent album. I think most of the tunes are composed after penning the lyrics (as the songs are mostly situational) and Vidhyasagar has really tried hard to set those lines to catchy tunes. At the end, he fails to rope in catchy tunes that will register in our mind long after listening the tracks. On the positive side, Vidhyasagar has experimented with orchestration and rhythms. I liked rhythms in almost all the songs.

Melodies like La la la and Enna Tholaithai are pleasing to ears mainly because of SPB and Chitra’s vocals. Azhaghana Poigalae is a kind of racy rock number with melodious vocal parts in charanam. Inge Inge is situational song with an unusual format and has a good tune with emotive strings in the background. Kutti Kutti is a typical heroine intro (remember, KB movie) number. People are complaining about touches of IR and ARR in most of the songs, I too felt the same. But I am not complaining, at least it is not a blatant copy. And that is where KB’s touch comes into picture. It is he who wanted the songs that way. But the “Kandu Pidithaen” song comes close to be called as a copy of Kaetaen song from Amarkalam. When commenting on songs from KB’s movies, good or bad, you just can’t praise or blame just the composer; KB too plays a vital role in it. Apart from music, I am quite dissatisfied with the lyrics. There is more emphasis on play of words. It lacks depth in content. It could have been better. On the whole, it is a soundtrack, which I will not search for after a few weeks.

Have listened to Godfather twice. Couldn't come to any conclusion really. But i think will get added up to his good-but-nothing-great list of Albums of A.R.Rahman.


muthuvel said...

Yeah, Poi is hopelessly disappointing. BTW in Godfather, so far i have heard 2 numbers , the Rahman crooned 'Theeyil...' somehow shows promise of growing on me...'Kaatril..' starts off oneway, progresses some other way and err falls flat later...

Expecting ur write-up on 'Godfather'.

Suresh Kumar said...

Yeah, i will probably post my revu tomorrow.

Gef said...

In the day and age where people are so secretive I really appreciate you sharing your true thoughts.

Sean Cody