25 Favourite Tamil Songs from 2007

2. Maarghaliyil Kulichu paaru

Movie: Onbathu Rooba Nottu
Composer: Bharadwaj
Singer: Srinivas
Lyricist: Vairamuthu

With just a chord on Piano looping rhythmically in the background and solo instruments filling in the interludes, ‘Maarghaliyil Kulichu Paaru’ is one of those rarest gems that comes out of a perfect marriage between melody and the lyrics. Bharadwaj gives a rock solid proof of how satisfying a film song can get when the words sit perfectly on musical notes of the melody. Simple and earthy words conveying deep philosophical meanings in the lyrics written by Vairamuthu is obviously the soul of the song. Even Thangar Bachaan’s picturisation is beautiful and is at par with the standards of the music and lyrics.


EnvyRam said...

Hi Suresh,

Very useful for me! Will read yours and listen to that song in the day ... missed out many good songs in 2007. Gives me a chance to catch up. Btw, will be returning in a couple of months ...


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