25 Favourite Tamil Songs from 2007

16. Megam Megam

Movie: Kannamoochi Yenadaa
Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Singers: Haircharan, Swetha
Lyrics: Thaamarai

If you have heard the song ‘Nuvvena’ from Telugu film ‘Raam’ which was also composed by Yuvan, you would easily understand why this song is one of my favorites. ‘Megam Megam’ is in a sense feels exactly the same as ‘Nuvvenaa’ and yet it is a totally different song. Except for the beats and that motif on strings, every single phrase of the melody played by every single instrument and that sung by the vocals is reworked which neither sounds better nor worse but just as good as its older version.

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kanna said...

Wow! I loved this song before, but after listening to Nuvvena, I am really amazed. The background orchestration is almost exactly the same, but the new tune of Megam Megam had fit so amazingly well! And the interludes start of the same, but deviate into something equally wonderful. Thanks so much for pointing out this wonderful telugu song I had not heard before.