25 Favourite Tamil Songs from 2007

17. Valayapatti Thavilae

Movie: Azhaghiya Tamizh Magan
Composer: A.R.Rahman
Singers: Madhumitha, Naresh Iyer, Ujjaini
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

How often we get to listen to a song which is a jughalbandhi of filmy folk, Mallu folk, Carnatic, qawwali and Hindustani music? This mix doesn’t happen in just one aspect of the song, the orchestration, the vocal melody, the interludes everything pass through all different genres of music. In an attempt to mix everything Rahman never turns the song too experimental, weird or unconventional. Also, he does it all within the unwritten rules of a commercial dance number in a Vijay movie.

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kanna said...

I think this is the first song I have heard that mixes folk and carnatic, and it does it so smoothly. The maximum experimentation we might have seen before is mixing western with carnatic, which Raaja himself had started doing (eg Idhu oru nilaa kaalam), but this is truly unique.
As a side note, have you seen the movie? In my opinion the picturisation is horrible, the choreography seems so forced. Surprisingly, Madhuraiku Pogathadi , which I thought won't fit vijay at all, came out quite well in the movie.