25 Favourite Tamil Songs from 2007

6. Para Para Pattampoochi

Movie: Katradhu Tamizh (Tamizh MA)
Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar
Singer: Rahul

The truly haunting melody, the passionate singing of Rahul, the intricate orchestration marrying Indian elements with Chinese instruments, Na.Muthukumar’s poetry together made this song an instant classic. While searching for a pattern in my favorites, I also found what makes a song a classic. It is an innate feeling that you get the instant you hear the melody. You feel like listening to a fresh melody which you have heard and felt in your heart for years in your mind. I got this feel the moment I heard the Harp piece with which the song starts. The innateness is there even in the orchestration. The pizzicato strings that starts running in the background when the line ‘Kanneril midhakkum’ starts, adds a deep emotion in the song, it isn’t a filler layer, it is a part of the song, it is the song, the song isn’t what it is without those mild strings. It doesn’t happen always in every song where more and more layers are added just as fillers.


kanna said...

One of the most hauntingly nice songs I have ever heard. The flute interlude is just genius. The sheer honesty of the song and its emotions reminded me of the interludes from Oru Naalil (Pudhupettai), but I think this song is much tighter and better built then Oru Naalil. Enggayume overa emotions-ai fake panra mathiri thonave mattengguthu, no second of the piece sounds pointless. Brilliant Yuvan.

Suresh Kumar said...

True. Oru Naalil had Yuvan singing but fortunately Yuvan didn't sing this song.