25 Favourite Tamil Songs from 2007

22. Un siripinil

Movie: Pachaikili Muthucharam
Composer: Harris Jeyaraj
Singer: Gautami Rao, Robby
Lyrics: Thaamarai

Recently, when we went for a trip to Kerala, we were playing just Harris Jeyaraj songs and to my surprise found that Harris’s songs are so easy and relaxing to listen to while traveling. Especially I liked this song so much. The leisure melody, the husky singing, apt rhythms and guitar strains are so soothing and relaxing than I thought or experienced when I heard it when the soundtrack got released earlier this year.

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kanna said...

I agree with you completely for this song. This is one song in which you don't feel like you've heard some part of this somewhere before, a feeling that is common in other HJ songs.
And abt his songs being very easy and relaxing, it is true I think because of his priority for melody, the smoothness of the song (rarely jarring variations), and familiarity because he does not experiment to the extent of not liking it till many hearings.