Vellithirai Soundtrack

‘Vellithirai’ is a remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Udayananu Tharam’. I saw ‘Udayananu Tharam’ and liked it very much especially for Srinivasan’s performance. But given the kind of script, there is very little scope for music in this movie and when I try to recollect, I don’t remember any of the songs from the Malayalam movie and after listening to the soundtrack of ‘Vellithirai’, I am afraid that we may not remember much about the music for the Tamil version either.

Though G.V.Prakash’s intention for experimentation is evident in some songs, overall it doesn’t work out well this time. The melody ‘Uyirilae’ and its female version ‘Vizhiyilae’ are is the only melody in the soundtrack that lingers for sometime in our mind. ‘Dhayarae’ is surprisingly Irish throughout and hence sounds fresh. ‘Kanjipaanayin’ is a bad one with unnecessary deviations and loud percussions. ‘Sooriyanae’ in the song in which Prakashraj is going to become a superstar and it would work better with the visuals.


kanna said...

I really like Dhayare, romba fresha iruku. Uyirile is nice, but enaku onnum avvalavu speciala thonala. Kanjipaanayin has a OK tune, but there seem to be a lot of random stock beats appearing here and there. Like there's an annoying loud bit that keeps appearing during the pallavi, it sounds like something from the Vayenda Vanakam song. I have no idea what is being sung in Sooriyane, maybe as you say it'll be enjoyable on screen.

Suresh Kumar said...

Kanna - That percussion beat is what Rahman used in 'if you wanna come' and also Ram leela song in Swades.

kanna said...

Yep I meant the "If you wanna come" song from New, my cd labelled it as Vayenda Vanakam.. Will go listen to Ram Leela, I can only remember a few swades songs now..