25 Favourite Tamil Songs from 2007

4. Eureka

Movie: Thoovaanam
Composer: Isaac Thomas
Singer: Harish Raghavendra

The song is about a boy’s Eureka moment of finding his girl. The USP of the song is that the melody, rhythm and orchestration goes through a lot of variations, it takes a twist in almost every third line, beautifully tracing the random emotions and ecstasy of a boy falling in love. Inspite of its variations, the song never falls out of stream. Also, Harish Raghavendra’s expression and rendition is in synch with the variations.


Abubaker said...

Never heard of this movie. Its released? Btw, here's my list

Suresh Kumar said...

Abubaker - Yes. It is a movie will all newcomers. The only popular name in the movie is Madhu Ambat who did the cinematography.