Tamil Film Music 2007

For past two years, I kept away from listing favorite songs of the year, mainly because I don’t know how to cut the list short to 10 or 20 and most importantly I didn’t know my favorites. For years I have been trying to find a pattern in the song that I like most and that indirectly means trying to understand the very basic pattern of music itself. But recently I found something common in the songs I like MOST. Some songs will have a great melody, some will have a great orchestration, in some songs, singers would have given their best, some songs will have a lot of experimentation and innovation in sounds, but what matters most is the satisfaction that I get after listening to a song. It is this heart felt satisfaction that makes a song my favorite. The 25 songs listed days are those which gave that complete satisfaction to me in 2007. Remember, I am just listing and not ranking the songs

Vazhkai Enbadhu (Katradhu Tamizh – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Sembaruthi Poo Kanakka (Kanna – Ranjit Barot)

Ilamai Ullaasam (Unnaalae Unnaalae – Harris Jeyaraj)

Un Siripinil (Pachaikili Muthucharam – Harris Jeyaraj)

Maayavi Neeya (Sivi – Dharan)

Sahana (Sivaji – A.R.Rahman)

Pesugiraen (Satham Podathey – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Oru Mugamo (Bheema – Harris Jeyaraj)

Valayapatti Thavilae (Azhaghiya Tamizh Magan – A.R.Rahman)

Megam Megam (Kannamoochi Yenada – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Yaaro Yaarukkul (Chennai 28 – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Kannan Varum velayil (Deepavali – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Kaatrin Mozhi (Mozhi – Vidhyasagar)

Kireedom Theme (Kireedom – G.V.Prakash)

Azhaigalin Osaigal (Rameshwaram – Niru)

Sariya Ithu Thavaraa (Kalloori – Joshua Sridhar)

Vizhiyil un Vizhiyil (Kireedom – G.V.Prakash)

Ithu Enna Maayam (Ooram Po – G.V.Prakash)

Mounamae Unnidam (Mozhi – Vidhyasagar)

Para Para Pattampoochi (Katradhu Tamizh – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Naanthaana (Ninaithaalae – Vijay Antony)

Eureka (Thoovaanam – Isaac Thomas)

Unnai Charanadainthen (Ammuvaaghiya Naan – Sabesh-Murali)

Maarghaliyil Kulichu paaru (Onbathu rooba nottu – Bharadwaj)

Billa Theme (Billa 2007 – Yuvan Shankar Raja)


kanna said...

Personally I don't agree with a number of your picks, but that really is the beauty of it all isn't it; that we can all have so many different views about the same piece of music.

I must thank this blog for introducing me to several songs I might have otherwise ignored, for example Rameshwaram, and giving me a fresh perspective to revisit some good albums I had dismissed on first hearing, for example Sivi.

Let's hope next year is musically interesting and fresh. A very happy new year, Suresh! :)

p.s. I heard Kaalai audio's been released, but not sure. Kaetu paakanum...

Suresh Kumar said...

Kanna - Good to know my blog has introduced you to some good music. And ofcourse, these are my personal favourites and I do know that some of them may not be the best.

Wish you a peaceful new year.

And yes, Kaalai has got released and have put my thoughts in the blog.

EnvyRam said...

Suresh ...
V useful list for me .. would have listened to only some 10 songs in your list. If I had to list amongst all that I heard, I would have added 'Mudhal mazhai' from Bheema and 'Thozhiya' from Kadhalil vizhundhen ...