Kaalai Soundtrack

The starting strings of ‘Eppo Nee’ instantly remind me ‘Manmadhanae’ song. Some parts of the song reminded me ‘Thirumana malargal’ song from ‘Poovellam un vaasam’. Though the vocal melody is not so pleasing, the flute motif and the interludes are interesting. But to pull everything down, we have Madhusree singing. If I have to say about Madhusree’s singing and pronunciation in Vadivelu’s style ‘M.u.d.i.y.a.l.a’.

‘Gutkha Lakkadi’ is funky kuthu with nice interludes but it is not catchy enough especially compared to the other catchy kuthu song ‘Kutti Pissase’. GVP gets the hook right in this song. ‘Kaala Kaala’ with sensuous Mamta Mohandass’s rendition sounds like a reworked female version of ‘Loosu penne’ but GVP’s synthphonic orchestration makes it work. ‘Kaalai’, being a theme song singing praises about Kaalai, sounds fresh with a unique style of singing and thumping beats which again shows GVP’s urge to make something that sounds fresh and new. ‘Veeramulla’ song is a rustic folk number that can be easily skipped.

‘Kaalai’ soundtrack isn’t bad but all the songs fit into the familiar and repetitive Simbu template of songs. GVP tries hard to make it his own and hence the result.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha...u have exactly the same kinda opinion abt madusree's tamil pronounciation as i do...adichiko.....;-)..i follow all ur blogs and its awesome..keep up the good work..

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Suresh..Your views on 'Vellithirai'?